LodestonePacific - 25 years
CYG High Quality Heat Shrink and Specialty Tubing
Lodestone Pacific is an Authorized Distributor of CYG Tubing Products. Widely used in Asia, CYG is well known for their high quality, product innovation, and broad product offering. Several tubes in the product line meet agency specifications including; UL224, SAE-AMS-DLT23053/4, /5, /12,/18, F Mark and Sony Green Partner.
UL File No. E180908 • TS 16949:200 • EU RoHS REACH ISO 9001:2008 • ISO 14001:2004
CYG has materials that are very flexible, flame retardant, with excellent mechanical, chemical resistant, and with superior abrasion and cut resistance. CYG tubes are suitable for a wide range of applications including wire protection in automotive, industrial, chemical environments, electronic insulation, and any place protection and insulation is needed in extreme environments

General Purpose Heat Shrink Tubing
CB-HFT (600) is halogen-free, flexible, flame-retardant polyolefin heat-shrinkable tuning. Low smoke generating abrasion resistant and in case of burning, produce no dioxin. Certifications: UL, CUL, F-Mark, Sony Green Partner.
Cross Linked Shrink Tubing
CB-1000 is a low-smoking halogen-free polyolefin cross-linked heat shrinkable tubing that is designed to meet the specialized requirements of the automotive industry. It has good resistance to oil and is an excellent insulator. Certificates: UL, CUL, F-mark, Sony Green Partner. Standards: UL224, AMS-DTL-23053/5
Double Wall, Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing
CB-DWT (Premium) is a high quality adhesive-lined, flexible, flame-retardant polyolefin heat shrinkable dualwall tubing. This tubing has good mechanical strength,oil resistance and bio-resistance when used for extreme environments. Standards: UL224 and SAE-AMSDTL23053/4, F mark, Sony Green Partner.
PTFE Non-Shrink Tubing
CYG PTFE non-shrink tubing features high temperature (260˚C) resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent insulation and mechanical strength properties. This product is UL listed under file number E180908. All are F mark.SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/12.
PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing
CYG PTFE heat shrink tubing features high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardant, excellent insulation and mechanical strength properties. Stable up to 260˚C. 600V/Mil. This product is UL listed under file number E180908. SAEAMS-DTL-23053/12.
Silicone Over Braided Fiberglass Tubing
CYG-SGS is flexible, flame retardant, and halogen-free.Made with silicone resin coating braided fiberglass tubing. It is available from Lodestone Pacific in 2500 volt and 4000 volt average breakdowns. Available in Black, White, Blue and Red.
Clear PVDF Tubing
CYG-KYNAR is a clear, thin wall, flexible, flame-retardant heat shrink tubing with excellent chemical resistance. It has superb abrasion and cut-through prevention properties. Available in 150˚C and 175˚C versions. UL224, SAE-AMS-DTL25053/18
Braided Heat Shrink Cloth Fiber
CYG-RSF is flexible, braided polyolefin and cloth fiber heat-shrink tubing designed to provide outstanding mechanical abrasion protection.